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m Amadou Barry founder of Agsil Senegal. I’m a multilingual private guide speaking French, English, Pulaar and Wolof.

We have +10years of practicing the personal city guide tour in Senegal and Gambia. The most interesting part is that whenever I thought I had discovered it all, I always ended up seeing something new. That’s an incredible feeling. I loved that !

That’s why I decided to create Agsil Senegal. To give the opportunity to our participants to see our beautiful country through the experience of someone who has already done it.

One of the things that will strike you about Senegal is the abundance of really kind and generous people. When you meet someone in Senegal, they will remember you for the rest of their life. So, the name of the company, AGSIL SENEGAL, really is important to us. “Agsil” in Wolof, one of the many languages of Senegal, means WELCOME! You are very welcome in Senegal!

Whether you would like to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gorée Island, travel to the historic city of St. Louis or the southern region of Casmance, We demonstrate a keen knowledge of West Africa.

So, if you would like to explore Lake Rose, the stunning Lompoul Desert, the new Museum of African Civilizations, regional tie-dying artisans, extraordinary sculptures and painters, the natural beauty of wildlife and beaches, visit the Saloum Delta, walk with Lions – literally – in Fathala Wild Reserve, or if you want to experience the delicious cuisine of such dishes as a national dish of Thiéboudienne or historic dance traditions of Mbalax, We can assist you in having a life-changing transformation.

With Agsil Senegal, you’ll have access to the top-notched service about city guiding. Rest assured that nothing will be neglected as we’ll give our best to provide the best service you’ll ever have.

Plus we’ll provide for the vehicles, the accomodation, the plans…

Welcome to Agsil Senegal. Enjoy your trip !

Amadou O. Barry, CEO Agsil Senegal

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