• Pick you up from your accomodation we’ll first exploring the city and its hidden wonder Dakar as an administrative, political ,economic, social and cultural métropoles is both an african and European city with over three millions inhabitants from diverse cultures and nationalities coexisting harmoniously.

Dakar is a city that should be explored to be appreciated.

The place To visit include : the plateau is historically the administrative and the business district, located around the “Place de l’independance” are the presidential palace, Dakar City hall, Cathédrale Church.

  • IFAN museum, which is a cultural and scientific institute in the nations of the former French West Africa, the famos kermel market and sandaga market.
  • The “Grande mosquée”, built by french architects and moroccan, grande mosquée was inaugurated in 1964 by king Assane ll, the first président of senegal Léopold Sedar Senghor and dignitaries Berbers from Algeria.
  • The cliff road overlooking Goree island, the train station .

Just after the plateau is the medina (Dakar ‘s oldest neighberhood), the cliff road overlooking the madeleine island stretches along the road of ouakam leads to the “mamelles” two hills formed from volcanic activité. On one of these hills is the lighthouse, built in 1864.

  • On the other hills is the African Renaissance Monument inaugurated in 2010,This gigantic 52 m High bronze statue accessible through a 198 steps stairway, which can be visited as it guaranteesa  beautiful view of the peninsula.
  • After departure for Lake Retba.

Better known as Pink lake is renowned for its color that changes from pink to purple based on the intensity of the sun rays, the lake is separated from the atlantic ocean by a large dune, the lake and environs provide a good terrain for crossing the dunes.

Many people through salt collection for several decades by the inhabitants of the surrounding village as well as guineans and malians.with water to the waist, they tear at the salt crust deposited at the bottom with a picket called 《djodj》before transferring shovels full of salt into canoes. Women offload and pile the salt on the lake side to dry and bleach in the sun

For activities you will have :

  • Tour around the lake ,surrounding fulani villages and beach  by Quad bike or 4x4vehicle or for strolls on camels
  • boat riding to observe the salt seekers
  • One can bath in the lake it self to enjoy the floating sensation due to the salt which happens to be a wonderful experience.
  • Lunch near the lake
  • Drop you off to your hotel